Workplace Experience

Workplace Experience – powered by Nexthink Infinity, the leading digital workplace observability and automation platform – delivers unparalleled visibility across all environments so IT teams can continuously see, diagnose, and fix digital workplace issues to optimize productivity and cost in a fast-changing IT landscape.

Workplace Experience delivers insights needed to proactively prevent IT issues, resolve critical disruptions, and ultimately drive workforce efficiency.

Solve Issues at Scale

Diagnose, communicate, and resolve technical problems simply and reliably with device insights including device compliance, stability, performance, and network insights. IT teams can quickly fix issues and continuously deliver a stable digital workplace for all employees and share data in real-time by importing and exporting data to and from Nexthink to personalize and enhance any business and IT processes.

Detect & Diagnose Faster

Solve employees’ technical issues before they disrupt the business with employee insights using real-time alerting, detailed diagnostics, and advanced visualizations combined with user feedback. IT teams can proactively optimize the employees’ digital experience by quickly uncovering and assessing IT issues, communicating directly with users, and measuring how it impacts employees.

Gain Complete Visibility

Regain visibility into application performance, reliability, and adoption across all employees, their unique devices, configurations, and locations. With the view across all systems, tools, apps, and interdependencies, IT teams can connect the dots and dramatically reduce MTTR with automated asset and application discovery, powerful diagnostics, and instant issue remediation.


Nexthink Adopt enables organizations to monitor employee interactions with their software and provide real-time, in-app guidance. By overlaying applications with Nexthink Adopt, organizations can deliver exceptional user experiences, simplify software adoption, and maximize their applications' potential.

Guide Employee Success

Deliver personalized guidance for employees with step-by-step instructions during their flow of work. Reduce unnecessary clicks and prevent errors with self-service support, hints, and in-product announcements. Improve proficiency and adoption with moment-in-time training and checklists of their progress. Carry this proven methodology across applications with one consistent overlay for a unified experience across every application.

Fast Track Application Value

The no-code solution means you can start creating meaningful content tailored to your application right away. Setup is quick and simple and enables anyone to manage, create, edit, and deploy in-app guidance. To maximize your application's success, spend less time training and responding to IT tickets and more time creating meaningful and personalized guidance for users.

Know Where to Focus

Track your content's performance and monitor engagement rates with dashboards that pinpoint the support needed. Prioritize your next steps with AI-driven analytics that highlight process efficiency improvements across your user journey for the greatest impact.

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Nexthink Amplify puts incident information, diagnostics checklists, and remediation power at your fingertips within one view and without employee involvement. It’s an easy-to-install, platform-agnostic browser plugin that unleashes the power of Nexthink into any service desk tool. L1 agents can close tickets faster and escalate less, leading to massive reductions in average handling time (AHT), mean time to resolution (MTTR), and overall efficiency gains in service desk operations.

See Context Fast

Get an immediate view of the key attributes of the employee and their device properties in a single pane without employee involvement.

Diagnose With Checklists

Understand root causes quickly via L1 checklists with clear callouts on problem areas, as well as customizable checklists for all other service desk roles.

Fix With Remote Actions

Remote actions help L1 agents close tickets faster, while a seamless link to the Nexthink platform enables L2+ agents to launch more complex fixes at scale.

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Application Experience

Nexthink Application Experience gives comprehensive visibility into the performance, reliability and adoption of all applications, ensuring a positive digital experience and cost-effective digital transformation projects.

Optimize Performance

Application Experience provides a single pane of glass that IT teams need for all applications, no matter the type, to ensure the fastest possible cross-team remediation.

Triage Issues - Reduce Tickets

Application telemetry with advanced AI analytics and diagnostics immediately routes issues to the right team in context, eliminating blame games to accelerate issue resolution.

Drive Faster Adoption

Employee application adoption and usage visibility deliver immediate clarity into exact employee usage and needs, enabling optimized licensing costs. Understanding employee workflow enables targeted employee education to speed up adoption.

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Collaboration Experience

Nexthink Collaboration Experience delivers comprehensive visibility into the call quality issues affecting DEX by monitoring leading collaboration applications, such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. You can quickly detect, isolate and remediate call quality issues using pre-built dashboards and alerts.

Session Context Visibility

Prevent issues, speed up resolutions and inform vendor relationships with comprehensive visibility into all aspects of employee session experience.

Speed Issue Resolution

Enable IT to immediately route issues to the right team in context to speed up issue resolution. Combine application and session telemetry with device, configuration, and networking data using AI analytics and diagnostics.

Proactive Assurance

Identify and resolve potential employee performance and availability issues while using collaboration tools long before employee sessions are impacted.

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Employee Engagement

Nexthink Employee Engagement bridges the communication gap with two-way contextual notifications, cutting through the digital workplace noise with attention-grabbing messages that employees respond to. Provide critical information, share a survey, or help employees fix issues automatically to improve employee experience and productivity.

Scale Proactive Self-Help

Automatically send targeted one-click self-help messaging to all impacted employees to fix employee issues before they realize they have them.

Notify and Inform

When an incident occurs, such as an outage or company update, rapidly notify impacted employees with timed and targeted pop-up notifications they can’t miss.

Collect Employee Feedback

Solve problems employees care about. Understand employee needs by engaging them in a campaign. Collect feedback in real-time but never during a presentation or important meeting.

Experience Central

Nexthink Experience Central gives IT Leaders and their teams the proactive and complete view they need into all aspects of employee digital experience. IT leaders can now measure, govern, and make well-informed strategic decisions to optimize their IT teams and workplace technologies and processes and maximize employee digital experience, reduce costs, and improve IT reputation.

Prevent Issues Proactively

Continuous and deep view into every aspect of digital employee experience (DEX) enables IT Teams to see, diagnose, and fix issues, reduce costs, and improve employee productivity.

Best practice DEX

Continuous and rapid DEX visibility gives IT leaders the data to identify and replicate organizational DEX best practice successes, speed cost savings, and productivity gains.

Manage What Matters

Rank-ordered views of the most urgent situations enable IT Leaders to immediately focus on those areas yielding maximum possible benefit, answering the questions: Where do I stand?, What should I improve? and Where should I invest?

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Nexthink Flow delivers continuous, real-time, AI-powered data that bridges the gap between monitoring and management with a powerful orchestration engine that anyone can leverage using a low-code visual designer. Nexthink Flow improves the IT ecosystem by orchestrating multi-layer automated detection, communication, integration, and action with workflows. They solve time-consuming and complicated IT issues, freeing up EUC teams for more pressing, strategic work.

Nexthink Flow

Use Low-Code Visual Designer

Free up specialists and remove hours of writing lengthy code with a low-code visual designer with step-by-step workflows that L1 and L2 agents can create themselves.

Get more out of your team with fast and easy configuration, drag-and-drop functionality and a visual designer that reduces time spent coding, human error, and team inefficiencies.[DS1]

Help Employees Faster

With visibility across the entire digital workplace, respond faster with smart workflows with unlimited triggers and powerful remote actions & integrations.

Save time and reduce incidents with end-to-end workflows to constantly monitor and quickly adjust the modern workplace experience in real-time.

Make Decisions Dynamically

Reduce the need for manual intervention and ensure issues really have been fixed by identifying and remediating with multiple logical steps within one automated flow.

Dynamically targeted schedules and event-based calls to Nexthink’s API trigger Nexthink workflows to act without anyone lifting a finger.

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