Getting started with Custom Dashboards (classic)

Custom Dashboards allow you to quickly discover those parts of your IT infrastructure that are running smoothly and those that may require your attention. Increase the visibility of hardware and software issues, network issues or service degradation with properly designed dashboards. The historical data stored in Nexthink makes dashboards an ideal tool for following the progress of change and transformation projects.

Accessing Custom Dashboards

  • Select Custom Dashboards from the main menu.

  • Select a custom dashboard from the list in the navigation panel.

Dashboards overview

Dashboards are grouped into modules. The type of module determines the type of dashboards that it can hold. There are three types of modules: basic module, service module, and software module. Refer to Creating a dashboard documentation for more information.


To enable proper permissions for Custom Dashboards:

  • Select Administration from the main menu.

  • Click on Profiles from the navigation panel.

  • Click on the New Profile button to create a new profile.

  • Hover over an existing profile and click on the edit icon to change its configuration.

  • Select the Custom dashboards and Finder permissions tab on the Edit profile page.

  • Available metrics: choose the group of metrics for users to build their own dashboards and view dashboards created by others:

    • All metrics enables users to see and use any of the metrics in the system. This option is mandatory if the user must edit metrics.

    • Only metrics in roles enables users to see and use only those metrics which are a part of their roles, that is metrics embedded in the modules added to their roles. This is the only available option if the user has no right to create personal dashboards.

  • Create personal dashboards enables users to create their own modules and dashboards.

  • Publish dashboards enables users to publish their own modules and dashboards so that others can use them. This permission is only available when the permission Create personal dashboards is granted.

  • Receive email digests: subscribe the user to a summary of what has occurred over the past week. Digests provide an overall summary of your module status based not only on the metrics that interest you the most but also on key figures of the defined service.

Dashboards and hierarchies in Finder (classic)

Nexthink Finder is a Windows-only desktop application whose functionality is now available within the Nexthink web interface. Nexthink can now be used directly from a browser and most functions no longer require an additional desktop application.

Take advantage of your existing hierarchies when working with dashboards. The Nexthink web interface automatically computes dashboard results for every level in your hierarchies. When viewing a dashboard, choose a node of the current hierarchy from the hierarchy navigation tool on the ribbon to display information that only applies to that particular node:

A well-designed hierarchy can help you locate the source of problems within your network.

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