Windows 11 - Readiness and migration


The Nexthink Windows 11 Readiness and migration library pack provides organizations with the actionable visibility required to accelerate their Windows 11 migration by assessing device readiness and monitoring progress.


Most organizations today are either planning or have already begun their Windows 11 migration. However, migrating to an entirely new OS can be intimidating if not adequately prepared, as high risks of failure during migration can quickly lead to increased costs and unnecessary delays.


Reduce risk and migrate to Windows 11 with confidence by having actionable visibility before, during, and after your migration that enables you to detect and avoid potential migration errors and, in turn, prevent delays and rising costs.

You can rapidly assess the readiness of every device in your landscape to prevent compatibility issues during the migration and perform any required update, upgrade, or replacement decisions. You can then monitor and manage your rollout progress by detecting and quickly diagnosing device and application stability issues on newly migrated devices.

Key features

  • Unified solution to monitor and report on Windows 11 Migration progress across its different phases.

  • A dedicated dashboard to understand which devices are not ready to migrate to Windows 11 by checking hardware requirements, OS versioning, and available disk space.

  • Assessment of device and application stability on newly migrated devices

  • Measurement and comparison of the DEX Scores of Windows 11 devices vs previous Windows OS to ensure the migration is successful

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