Account management


After the deployment of the Nexthink instance, the only user that exists in the system is the main administrator, referred to as admin in the system. The main administrator has unrestricted access to all data available in the Nexthink web interface. Moreover, the main administrator is able to create and modify all types of content in the system, including dashboards, investigations, categories, alerts, and user accounts.

The main administrator can create accounts for other users, restrict their views of the data and limit their ability to alter the content. The following sections describe how to add users to the system and control their data access.


Before defining new profiles and users, ensure that you have the right licenses for the products you need. Otherwise, some configuration pages will not be displayed. Contact Nexthink Support for more information.

Account update considerations

  • Changes to accounts and their permissions may not take immediate effect for logged-in users.

  • If you are logged in to Finder or the Nexthink web interface, old permissions are kept for the lifetime of the session.

  • When using NXQL API, the old permissions are enforced for up to five minutes after the change until the system synchronizes account information with the Nexthink web interface.


Single sign-on

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