DNS configuration file (classic)

Sample configuration file for the Data Enricher enricher_nxad.conf

partial_refresh_enabled = True
partial_refresh_frequency = 60
# Enables/disables the full refresh functionality.
# When enabled this will refresh all engine destinations info at the time configured in full_refresh_time parameter.
# Attention! This can be a very heavy load job, please configure the execution time accordingly.
full_refresh_enabled = False
# You may configure a refresh on a daily or weekly basis.
# For a daily full refresh, enter only the local time in a 24 hour format, for example 23:30.
# For a weekly full refresh, add the desired weekday before the time, for example: Sat 23:30.
# The possible values are: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun.
# Examples:
#   Daily full refresh at 3:17 AM
#   full_refresh_time = 3:17
#   Weekly full refresh on Fridays at 4:55 PM
#   full_refresh_time = Fri 16:55
full_refresh_time = Mon 23:30
# Comma separated list of DNS servers.
# Example: servers =,
servers = <server1>,<server2>
# Timeout for each DNS server in seconds
max_dns_server_timeout = 0.5
# Percentage of allowed DNS server errors, measured with respect to the total number of destinations
max_perc_dns_server_errors = 35

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