The new experience web application dashboards are in technical preview. Features and usability may change before the General Availability (GA) release. Refer to the Old vs. new web applications dashboards documentation page for more information about the benefits of using the new experience dashboards, their latest and upcoming features, and the significant changes introduced.

Monitoring and tracking unsuccessful page loads with various error types is another important aspect of Nexthink Applications.

Reliability metrics

The number of errors represents all browser and HTTP errors caught by the Nexthink browser extension.

The number of employees represents those who encountered at least one error for a given time period.

Dashboard widgets

The Reliability dashboard contains the following widgets grouped into the sections:


The Performance section presents an overview of the application in terms of error metrics.


Easily check the percentage of navigations with errors and the breakdown for good, average and frustrating navigations.

Errors & employees

See the number of errors recorded in the selected time period and the change of this metric over time.

Employees with errors indicates the number of employees impacted by the errors, visible in the chart above.

Top Breakdowns

List of errors

Investigate the different types of browser and HTTP errors caught by the Nexthink browser extension. The web browser reports a wide range of network error types that the Nexthink browser extension catches and reports to the Nexthink web platform.

  • Browser errors - you can get the official list of NET errors for the Google Chrome and Microsoft Chromium-based Edge browsers on the website. Firefox employs its own set of browser errors, visit their documentation for more information.

  • The HTTP errors are part of the following standard response codes: 4xx client errors, 5xx server errors. You can get a detailed list of the status codes on the website.

Refer to the Common web application errors documentation for more information.

Key pages & URLs

This section presents Key Pages and URLs with the largest number of errors. For each Key page and URL, see the number of errors and impacted employees.

Other breakdowns

Filter errors by browser, operating system, location, and other options. Refer to Configuring geolocation documentation for more information about the geolocation feature.

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