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This Technical Preview is made available to customers free of charge for evaluation and feedback purposes. Upon General Availability, the functionalities introduced in the preview may be subject to additional cost and/or licensing requirements. As such, the Technical Preview, its documentation, and any updates are offered for limited evaluation only and on an ‘as-is’ and ‘as-available’ basis without any warranty of any kind.


The current web applications dashboards were built using legacy technology that did not support recent Nexthink platform functionalities such as View domain and classifications.

The new web application dashboards have been developed using NQL-based technology, which allows for the integration of these new features and other upcoming functionalities. The four new dashboards available through the Switch to the new experience button on the web applications page, include several enhancements based on collected user feedback. A new set of web application dashboards highlights employee adoption and experience, pinpointing key issues that demand attention. Refer to Monitoring web applications - new experience for more information.

Subsequent releases following version 2024.6 will continue to refine these dashboards.

Customer benefits

The new experience dashboards are designed to provide a unified user journey. All visualizations are complemented with investigations presenting underlying queries. The new Overview dashboard integrates Adoption and Performance metrics to provide a comprehensive overview. Additionally, the Page loads, Transactions and Reliability tabs feature additional breakdowns, filters and metrics that help identify application issues.


This technical preview is available in all regions.

Customer commitment

Your active participation and feedback are pivotal in helping us refine our product to meet your evolving needs. We look forward to collaborating with you to create an even better user experience.

Enabling Technical Preview

This technical preview is available to all customers.

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