Monitoring and tracking unsuccessful page loads with various error types is another important aspect of Nexthink Applications.

Error type

The web browser reports a wide range of network error types that the Nexthink browser extension catches and reports to the Nexthink web platform. You can find some insight into what the error means by hovering your cursor over the error type.

  • Browser errors - you can get the official list of NET errors for the Google Chrome and Microsoft Chromium-based Edge browsers on the website. Firefox employs its own set of browser errors, visit their documentation for more information.

  • The HTTP errors are part of the following standard response codes: 4xx client errors, 5xx server errors. You can get a detailed list of the status codes on the website.

Review the Common web application errors documentation for more information.

Reliability metrics

The number of employees represents those who encountered at least one error for a given time period.

Filter errors by browser, operating system, location, and other options. Refer to Configuring geolocation documentation for more information about the geolocation feature.


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