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Campaigns branding

Brand your campaigns with a logo and custom colors to make employees comfortable and build their trust when answering campaign questions.

Accessing Campaign branding

  • Select Campaigns from the main menu.

  • Click on Manage campaigns in the navigation panel.

  • Click on the action menu at the top right corner of the page.

  • Select Manage campaign branding to open the Campaign branding page.

Manage campaign branding

Using the Campaigns branding page



Customize your campaigns with a logo and accent color:

  • Upload an image in JPG or PNG format. The minimum size is 144 X 144 pixels.

  • The system requires a hexadecimal format for the accent color, also known as a web color format.


Choose how the tray displays the view of an extensive campaign:

  • Collapse depending on size: select to turn on the collapsed state for campaigns when the pop-up height exceeds 400px.

  • Always display campaign in full: select to turn off the collapsed state for all campaigns, regardless of the pop-up size, so users can always answer the first question with just one click.

Click Save branding to apply the changes to all your campaigns.


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