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Configuring Amplify for ServiceNow Operations Workspace

Configure Amplify to pick device and user fields from the ServiceNow Operations Workspace interface.

Supported versions: San Diego, Tokyo and Utah

  • Open the tickets list view on the Service Operations Workspace.

  • Copy the URL of the ticket list page.

  • Open the Amplify browser extension options menu in a browser.

  • Click on the Add web application button and paste the URL into the Web application URL.

  • Click on the Device or user identifier field to reveal the plus sign +.

Nexthink Amplify configuration
  • Click on the plus sign + button. It opens the URL in a new tab with a selector pop-up.

  • Switch the Disable selector toggle to the on position in the Field selector pop-up window.

Field selector toggle
  • Open one of the tickets from the list.

  • When the ticket page loads, switch the Disable selector toggle to the off position.

  • Use the highlighter and select the Configuration item.

Selecting a configuration item
  • To select the username from the ticket page, select the name of the Caller from the Record Information section.

Selecting the name
  • Before saving the configuration, copy the content of the Field editor from the Field selector pop-up into your text editor of choice as you will have to make some changes in the code.

    • Replace the text sn-canvas-screen:nth-of-type(*) highlighted in the image below with sn-canvas-screen:not([style='display: none;']).

    • If you see only sn-canvas-screen replace it with sn-canvas-screen:not([style='display: none;']).

Changing the code
  • Copy the edited content from the text editor and paste it into the Field editor.

  • Click on the Fill field value button to check if the right field has been selected. The information appears in the Selected field value.

  • Click Save if it matches the desired field value.

  • Click Save on the Nexthink Amplify Configuration page of the extension options menu.

  • Return to the ITSM page and refresh it to see the Amplify button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

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