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Driver compliance


You don't have visibility over your device landscape's driver compliance and, therefore, cannot update them before they become a problem. This leads to compatibility, security, and hardware functionality issues, which ultimately result in incidents and tickets for your service desk. In many cases, you also notice that out-of-compliance devices face performance issues that could have simply been avoided if the device's drivers were up to date. 


Retrieve the number of pending driver, firmware, and BIOS updates on HP and/or Dell devices as reported by HP's "HP Image Assistant" and Dell's "Dell Update Package" driver manager software installed on the device. The Software will be automatically installed if not already present. 

You can then trigger a driver update using the remediation remote action to enforce driver compliance at scale.  

Key Features:

  • Detailed dashboards for monitoring driver, firmware, and BIOS update requirements.

  • Remote actions for automated driver updates.

  • Dynamic filters to segment data by device type, model, and organizational structure.

Get started

Configure and start using your packs by following these links:

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