Workflow: Slow PC troubleshooting


Slow PCs are very common for employees. But, they can also be frustrating and costly to diagnose, as they are more subjective issues that require a lot of manual checks for often very simple problems.

What's worse, many employees do not report "slow PCs" because they either don't realize, understand the problem, or take the time to submit a ticket.


Trigger a workflow performing the most common L1 checks, remediations, and employee notifications that can resolve the most common causes of devices feeling "slow". This includes checks about disk space, reboots, Wi-Fi, power plan, open tabs, pending updates, macOS memory issues, and general hardware health checks. This information is then added to an automatically opened and resolved ticket.

A dashboard is provided with this workflow to offer examples of devices that might be considered as feeling slow based on performance metrics to detect and trigger the workflow in a more proactive manner.

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