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The Nexthink solution offers various ways to obtain valuable information about your IT infrastructure. One approach is to use the search, accessible from the main menu bar, using the lens icon.

Accessing the search using the main menu bar.

The search is a valuable tool for both beginners and experienced users as it helps save time by directly bringing useful information to your fingertips. When searching for a particular piece of information, you simply type whatever information you are looking for into the search field.

Using the search to investigate application or system crashes.

The results of a search are all items and investigations associated with the words you typed in. For instance, you can look for users, binaries, devices, packages or applications by typing in the first letters of their names.

Searching for elements related to Outlook.

Any search results that include binaries, devices, packages, and users let you easily navigate to relevant investigations and dashboards thanks to the action menu.


The user interface separates the results into several sections and only displays the content you have access to, based on the profile assigned to your account by your Nexthink administrators.

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