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Checklists enable you to quickly gain an understanding of device attributes and the most commonly consulted properties and metrics related to a device.

Default checklist

The Properties checklist is available out-of-the-box and displays various device properties, such as:

  • Device and peripherals

  • Operating system

  • Security

  • Network

  • Location

  • Virtualization


Custom checklists

Create custom checklists with properties that are specific to your organization. For example, L1 agents may require an elementary checklist, whereas L2 or EUC teams may need more complexity.

The Checklists tab in the Device view page shows all the created checklists. Depending on the operating system of the device in question, the number of visible checklists may vary as they can be OS-specific.

In addition, you can rate each checklist property to provide a quick visual cue of whether a particular property value is good, bad or somewhere in between.

Refer to the Checklists management and Rating documentation for more information.



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