Configuring device performance storage (classic)

The device performance data is only stored if you enable it using the web interface. By default, it is disabled. When activated, the necessary settings will be automatically configured on connected Engines. It is not possible to restrict the change to a single Engine or a subset of them. Changing the parameters does not trigger a restart of the connected systems.

Device performance storage management

To configure the storage policy, connect to the web interface as an administrator. In the main navigation bar on the left, click on the administration icon and select Engines under the System configuration section.

Impact on data retention

Activating the option to store this supplementary data on the Engine will have an impact on the number of events stored on it, and thus the overall data retention. You should expect a typical impact of less than 5%. For example, an Engine configured to store 200 million events, when full, could have up to 10 million of them linked to the device performance monitoring.


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