IGEL thin client diagnostics


This pack requires the installation of Collector for IGEL on IGEL-powered thin clients.


With hybrid working gaining popularity, so is the use of virtual desktops in large organizations. Today, many thin clients run the IGEL operating system to access these desktops, directly influencing virtual desktop performance and user satisfaction.

Unfortunately, a lack of accurate insight from thin clients makes it difficult to rapidly detect or diagnose the root cause of desktop virtualization issues caused by the endpoint. This leads to undiagnosed poor performance and suboptimal experiences with key collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams or Zoom.


Combine Nexthink insights, such as network latency and employee experience, with data from Collector for IGEL to gain an accurate understanding of how the IGEL thin client affects the performance of your virtual desktop session.

With the installation of Collector for IGEL in all your Nexthink collectors, you can identify your thin clients' adoption and usage patterns across the organization.

The IGEL collector specifically targets virtualization use cases. Therefore, it collects a limited set of metrics:

  • CPU usage

  • memory usage

  • Wi-Fi usage.

Key features:

  • Track and understand the adoption of your thin clients across the organization.

  • Identify if Wi-Fi signal strength issues are causing networking delays.

  • Correlate potential issues with specific IGEL operating system versions.

IGEL collector configuration

For information on how to install the IGEL collector on Linux, please click here.

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