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What's new

The version 2024.2 release date is February 19, 2024. View the release notes on the Extended Documentation website.

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Content tagging

Find what you're looking for more quickly and easily by organizing your content with tags. Apply one or more tags to your content items and use them to filter the content into groups. Available now for Campaigns, Remote Actions, Custom Trends, and Checklists.

Tags in the Campaigns module

Enhancements for Checklists

Save time diagnosing issues with Checklists by reducing the number of checklists agents need to navigate through. Now administrators can configure checklists by OS platform and only display those relevant to the OS of the device in question.

Additionally, make checklists easier to read with custom display labels for properties, and display them in the custom documentation section when the user clicks for more information.

These enhancements are available for checklists both in Device View and Amplify. The Amplify browser extension will be updated following the rollout of 2024.2 in all regions. Until then, Amplify will continue to show all checklists for all OS platforms.

Amplify is subject to an additional license. Contact your Nexthink representative for more information. 

Refer to the Checklists management documentation for more information.

Amplify: Automatically update ITSM tickets

Increase visibility by automatically updating ITSM ticket notes with the outcome of remediations when you execute remote actions using Amplify. Now, Amplify actions from ServiceNow are automatically written as notes into the source ticket to allow visibility into who did what and when, in the context of the full ticket history.

The Amplify browser extension will be updated following the rollout of 2024.2 in all regions.

Amplify is subject to an additional license. Contact your Nexthink representative for more information. 

Refer to the Amplify documentation for more information.

Collaboration Experience enhancements

Diagnose call quality problems more quickly by assessing the ratio of poor vs total calls for specific users or populations. The Collaboration Experience system dashboard has been updated with metrics that leverage the new NQL countif operator.

This update will be made available following the completion of the 2024.2 rollout in all regions.

Collaboration Experience is subject to an additional license. Contact your Nexthink representative for more information.

Refer to the Using Collaboration Tools documentation for more information.

Binary Profiling enhancements

Troubleshoot binary performance issues more easily by using the search function to find the product name. A new drop-down menu allows you to switch to another binary or product. Additionally, the dashboard now reports the total number of devices using this binary across all companies.

Binary profiling search

Flow: Simplified third-party integration

Accelerate your implementation of solutions that require API integrations with predefined connector actions provided as Thinklets in the Workflows visual designer toolbox and additional support for Bearer and OAuth 2.0 authorization code authentication methods.

Flow is subject to an additional license. Contact your Nexthink representative for more information.

Refer to the Workflows Designer documentation for more information.

Flow: Workflows API published

Use the Workflows API to easily integrate Nexthink with other systems. Interactive documentation is now available on Nexthink Developer Portal.

Flow is subject to an additional license. Contact your Nexthink representative for more information.

Workflows API

Flow: Troubleshoot workflows

Understand and resolve problems with workflows not running as expected. The workflow execution timeline now lets you drill down into the details of Service/API Thinklets and review the condition results. Support for additional Thinklets will be provided in future releases.

Flow is subject to an additional license, contact your Nexthink representative for more information.

Refer to the Workflows Designer documentation for more information.

Campaigns: Follow up on campaign progress

Improve your future campaigns with key performance indicators of past campaigns. New statistics are provided on the campaign details dashboard, including the response rate of your existing campaigns.

Refer to the Getting started with Campaigns documentation for more information.

Software metering enhancements

Optimize your software licenses more easily with several enhancements to Software Metering. The newly redesigned Software Metering details page now displays all relevant information in one convenient location.

Configuration is now faster, with less risk of error due to package changes in production, and includes support for pattern matching in package names, such as the inclusion of wildcard characters.

Refer to the Manage Software Metering documentation for more information.

Map Entra ID properties to custom fields

Enrich user objects more easily without the need to look up Entra ID properties and create complicated scripts. Now, you can select commonly used text-based Entra ID properties from a drop-down list and map them to existing custom fields.

Refer to the Connector for Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD) documentation for more information.

Library: Latest updates and new content

The following Library pack updates are designed to enhance your visibility and troubleshooting, including several logic, design and documentation improvements. 

  • Operating System - Stability, security, and compliance: Monitor the DEX score of both your macOS and Windows devices over time as you make changes to your OS landscape. This pack includes new rule-based custom fields to define your target and supported OS versions and new remote actions to detect and remediate issues. 

  • Outlook - Stability and compliance: Detect stability and compliance issues with your selected Outlook add-ins, and visualize the outputs of diagnostic remote actions in an updated dashboard layout.

  • Browsers - Stability and compliance: Simplify compliance tracking across your IT landscape with new rule-based custom fields to define what you consider corporate versus non-corporate browsers.

  • Windows 11 readiness and migration: Follow your Windows 11 readiness and migration progress with enhanced data visualization, including information about DEX scores. 

  • OneDrive - Stability and compliance: Monitor OneDrive with updated dashboards, including NQL logic enhancements, improved widget layout and new in-product documentation.

  • L1 Checklist: Simplify issue remediation from the checklist with an updated grouping of checklist items.

  • DEX score checklist: Understand the high-level experience of a device during your troubleshooting journey by accessing device DEX scores directly from Amplify and Device View. 

Audit trail API

Retrieve specific audit events more easily by specifying a timeframe when querying the Audit Trail API.

User-configurable retention for Inventory and Operational data

Expand compliance monitoring capabilities by incorporating inactive devices and users through extended retention periods while storing operational data strictly on a need-to-know basis. The Data management (GDPR) page now allows you to set a retention period from 7 to 90 days for inventory data, and from 7 to 30 days for operational data.

Refer to the Data management and GDPR documentation for more information.

Organization assignment for devices connecting via VPN

Improve your security and data access control by automatically assigning devices connecting via VPN to the right organizational unit. Now, you can use the Collector local IP address when defining organization rulesets.

Refer to Product configuration documentation for more information.

Applications: New action menu

Troubleshoot application issues more quickly with context-aware drill downs. The action menu is now integrated into widgets in the Troubleshoot tab of the Applications module allowing you to dive directly into relevant investigations and dashboards.

Refer to the Troubleshoot documentation for more information.

Device View: Improved drill down to users

Simplify the diagnostics process with easy access to user insights in Device View. The user card is now interactive and integrates the standard Nexthink action menu to drill down to details about the associated user.

Refer to the Device View documentation for more information.

Improved Learn training portal

Learn how to get the most out of Nexthink. Discover the redesigned Learn homepage for customers with separate sections for online courses grouped per products, learning paths and certifications.


New DEX V3 video training and updated documentation

Discover how to analyze complex DEX score data with a new video training course. Communicate more easily to stakeholders with ready-to-use examples of the DEX score computation, included as part of the updated Computation of the DEX score documentation (available to Nexthink Community users).

Aggregation of moments of experience

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