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Keyboard shortcuts for column display selection with Finder (classic)

Whether you are choosing the columns to display in investigations and alerts or deciding which additional fields to display in metrics, learning keyboard shortcuts can help you be more efficient. In many cases, using the keyboard to select a display field may be faster and more convenient than using the mouse.

The Ctrl key enables access to the keyboard shortcuts of the display field selector, which is shown when:

To quickly select fields using the keyboard:

  1. Start typing in the box to filter the available fields by text content.

  2. Press Ctrl to highlight a field in the selection dialog box.

  3. Press Ctrl+Arrow key to navigate away from the highlighted field:

    • Press Ctrl+Right arrow or Ctrl+Down arrow to move to the next field available.

    • Press Ctrl+Left arrow or Ctrl+Up arrow to move to the previous field available.

  4. Use the Home and End keys to navigate to the beginning and to the end of the dialog box:

    • Press Ctrl+Home to move to the first available field in the dialog box.

    • Press Ctrl+End to move to the last available field in the dialog box.

  5. Press Ctrl+Space to add the highlighted field to the display list and move to the next available field.

    • Alternatively, press Ctrl+Shift+Space to add the highlighted field to the display list and move to the previous field available.

    • While holding the Ctrl key, the text filter that you typed at the beginning of the procedure is applied.

      • After adding one or more fields to the display list, releasing the Ctrl key removes the text filter.

      • If you did not add a field to the display list, the text filter is maintained.

Note that disabled or already selected fields are not available for selection.

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