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Getting started with Digital Experience

All Nexthink users with the Experience Central expansion product can monitor the DEX score in the enabled Digital Experience module. If you do not have an Experience Central license, you can still configure the DEX score and monitor it using the Live Dashboards module. Contact your Nexthink representative for more information about the Experience Central expansion product.

The Digital Experience provides an overview of your organization’s Digital Employee Experience (DEX) score, its distribution among different employee groups, and its progress over time. DEX score reflects how employees interact with IT solutions and services over a period of time.

Digital Experience page

Digital Experience module

Digital Experience comprises:

  • Digital Experience Scores: View a summary of the Technology and Sentiment score, its trend over time, impacted employees, and time lost per week.

  • Technology: See the breakdown of the score in technology gauges and metrics to quickly assess the number of employees affected by the issues at the endpoint, application, or collaboration nodes. Drill down on the issues by clicking on the nodes to open them directly in the Applications and Live Dashboards modules.

  • Sentiment: View employee sentiment from the selected DEX score campaign.

  • Technical: Sort the Technology and Sentiment scores by the operating system, versions of the operating system, device type, manufacturer, and model.

  • Location: Sort the DEX score by country, department, and state.

Refer to the Using Digital Experience documentation for more information.

Accessing the Digital Experience module

Select the Digital Experience module from the main menu.

Accessing the Digital Experience module

Configuring the Digital Experience Score

To access the Digital Experience Score configuration page:

  • Select Administration from the main menu.

  • Click on Digital Experience Score in the Content Management section of the navigation panel.

Refer to the Digital Experience Score Management documentation for more information.

Configuring the Digital Experience Score


To enable proper permissions for Digital Experience:

  • Select Administration from the main menu.

  • Click on Profile from the navigation panel.

  • Click on the New Profile button to create a new profile. To edit an existing profile, hover over the existing profile and click on the edit icon to change the profile configuration.

  • In the Permissions section, scroll down to the Digital Experience section to enable appropriate permissions for the profile.

Refer to the Profiles documentation for a detailed description of the permission options.


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