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Finding the visuals of a metric with Finder (classic)


Right after you add a metric to a widget in a dashboard, the link between the metric and its visual components in the web interface —widget and dashboard— is clear for you. After adding multiple metrics to several widgets in different dashboards though, it is easy to lose track of which metrics relate to which widgets and dashboards.

Learn how to navigate from a metric in Finder to the dashboards that hold the metric in the web interface and find out which of the widgets within a dashboard display the values of the metric.

Finding the dashboards and widgets linked to a metric

To find out which of the dashboards and widgets are making use of a particular metric:

  1. Log in to Finder.

  2. In the Metrics section, right-click the name of the desired metric.

  3. Select Show in Nexthink Portal from the menu.

    • Select Personal to look for the metric on dashboards that you’ve created yourself, located under DASHBOARDS→My content→PERSONAL in the web interface.

    • Select the name of a module (if any available) that is part of your roles to look for the metric on dashboards included in the module. In the example above, you can find the modules Support Level 1 and Windows 10 migration, for instance.

    • Select All published to look for the metric on dashboards that you have the right see under DASHBOARDS→All published in the web interface.

    • If the metric is not used on any dashboard that you have the right to see in the web interface, the option to show it in the web interface is disabled. Even if you are an administrator with access to all published dashboards, be aware that this does not necessarily imply that the metric is not used in the web interface at all, because it may be linked to an unpublished Personal dashboard of another user. The tooltip message clearly indicates this fact: This metric is not used in any of your dashboards; it might be used by another user

  4. Click any of the listed dashboards to open the dashboard in the web interface. Finder opens a new tab in your default browser to show the dashboard.

    • If you are not logged in yet, the web interface asks you to log in first.

  5. Once the dashboard is open in the web interface, find the widgets that use the metric thanks to the distinctive dotted blue border that highlights them. For instance, in the dashboard below, only the widget Devices with high CPU contains the metric of interest:

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