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Configuring Amplify for ServiceNow Agent Workspace

Configure Amplify to pick device and user fields from the ServiceNow Agent Workspace interface.

Supported versions: San Diego, Tokyo and Utah.

  • Open the ticket in the ServiceNow Agent Workspace view.

  • Copy the entire URL of the page.

  • Open the Amplify browser extension options menu in a browser.

  • Click on the Add web application button and paste the URL into the Web application URL.

  • Click on the Device or user identifier field to reveal the plus sign +.

  • Click on the plus sign + button. It opens the URL in a new tab with a selector pop-up window.

  • Use the highlighter and select the field on the details page of the ticket that contains the affected device or user field to load the element details into the Field selector pop-up.

  • Before saving the configuration, copy the content of the Field editor from the Field selector pop-up into your text editor of choice as you will have to make some changes in the code.

    • Replace the text div:nth-of-type(1) highlighted in the image below with div[class*='is-active']

Field selector pop up
  • Copy the edited content from the text editor and paste it into the Field editor.

  • Click on the Fill field value button to check if the right field has been selected. The info appears in the Selected field value.

  • Click Save if it matches the desired field value.

  • Click Save on the Nexthink Amplify Configuration page of the extension options menu.

  • Return to the ITSM page and refresh it to see the Amplify button in the bottom-right corner of the screen. 

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