Querying the Collector TCP connection status

Windows Collector

To query the status of the TCP connection between the Collector and the Nexthink instance for a particular device, run the Collector Configuration Tool on the device as follows:

nxtcfg.exe /g tcp_status

The Collector Configuration Tool queries the Nexthink Coordinator service, which is the component of the Collector that is responsible for the TCP connection.

Mac Collector

To query the status of the TCP connection between the Mac Collector and the Appliance, open the command-line interface on your macOS device and type in:

grep -i "tcp-status" /Library/Application\ Support/Nexthink/config.json

Error messages

The following table shows the possible output messages along with their description. The messages that start with a timestamp are retrieved from the Coordinator service. On the other hand, messages that start without a date come directly from the Collector Configuration Tool:


[ERROR] Nexthink Coordinator service is not installed

The Coordinator is not found in the device. No TCP connection is established.

[ERROR] Nexthink Coordinator service can not be queried

The Coordinator is momentarily not able to respond to the query.

[ERROR] Unknown

There was an unknown error while trying to get the status of the TCP connection from the Coordinator.

[INFO] Nexthink Coordinator service is stopped

The Coordinator service is installed but not running. No TCP connection is established.

[MM/DD/YY hh:mm:ss] [INFO] Initializing connection

The Coordinator is starting and attempting to establish a TCP connection with the Appliance.

[MM/DD/YY hh:mm:ss] [INFO] Connected

The Coordinator established a TCP connection with the Appliance.

[MM/DD/YY hh:mm:ss] [INFO] Disconnected

The Coordinator was disconnected from the Appliance and is actively waiting for a new assignment.

[MM/DD/YY hh:mm:ss] [ERROR] Protocol failure

There is a version mismatch between the Collector and the Appliance.

[MM/DD/YY hh:mm:ss] [ERROR] Customer Key issue

There is a mismatch between the Customer Key in the Collector and that of the Appliance.

[MM/DD/YY hh:mm:ss] [ERROR] Certificate issue

There is an issue with the certificate validation. Probable causes:

  • The root CA used to sign the certificate was not deployed with the Collector installer or the root CA was not added to the Windows Trusted root certification authorities.

  • The address of the Appliance that is configured in Collector does not match the address defined in the subject of the certificate.

[MM/DD/YY hh:mm:ss] [ERROR] Host not found

The DNS name or IP address of the Appliance configured in the Collector designates a host that is not found in the network.

[MM/DD/YY hh:mm:ss] [ERROR] TCP connection failure:<number>

Returns an error code from the underlying implementation that indicates the reason for the failure.

The most common error is [ERROR] TCP connection failure: 0. It indicates that the host exists, but the Collector cannot connect to the indicated TCP port.

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