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Cisco AnyConnect timeout and status management


This library pack provides a remote action to obtain the status of your Cisco AnyConnect VPN service and the server the device is connected to. You can also see the hours the service has been running and the time remaining before the VPN times out.

A remote action parameter enables the setting of a defined maximum timeout in hours.

In addition, a remaining time threshold can be set so a remote action campaign can be sent to an employee to notify them of the time remaining before a timeout and if there is a need to refresh the connection.


V1.0.0.0 - Initial Release


This library pack contains a remote action that can be customized to meet your specific needs. To ensure that the remote action is set up correctly, it is recommended to review the description of each parameter after installing the remote action.

Pack Structure

Remote action

The “Check AnyConnect timeout” remote action allows you to monitor the time remaining before the VPN times out. If the time left is below a certain threshold, the user is notified and given the options to refresh the connection with either a device logout or restart. This can be very helpful in managing your VPN connection and ensuring that you don’t get unexpectedly disconnected. The remote action does this automatically, so you don’t have to worry about manually checking and refreshing your connection.

For more information about remote actions, please visit the page.

The images below show the default configuration of the “Check AnyConnect timeout” remote action, where the campaign UID and timeout threshold parameters are managed. The campaign UID is used to identify the campaign that will be triggered when the time remaining before the VPN times out falls below the specified threshold. The timeout threshold is used to determine when the user should be notified about the impending timeout.

Campaign is configured for the remote action.

8 hours is set as a threshold of when to notify user.

Engage campaigns

“Check Cisco AnyConnect timeout - Notification” remote action campaign is designed to work with the remote action “Check AnyConnect timeout”. It informs users that their VPN connection is expiring soon and needs to be refreshed with either a device logout or restart. 

The campaign can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your organization. By customizing your campaign, you can tailor the content and messaging to better resonate with your target audience. This can help to increase engagement and drive the desired outcomes.

For more information about how to customize campaigns, please visit the ​ page.

The screenshot below displays the default campaign included in the pack.

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