Exploring dashboard widgets

The Page loads dashboard contains the following widgets grouped into the sections:


The Summary section presents an overview of the application in terms of page load experience and page load time.

Page load experience

The Page load experience widget shows a gauge chart with a breakdown for good, average and frustrating page loads.

Page load time & Employees

Use this section to identify the changes in terms of performance over time

  • The Average page load time widget shows area charts for Backend, Device and App network, and Client categories.

  • The Employees chart represents the number of employees who performed at least one page-load action. This timeline is mapped with the Average Page Load Time chart above for easy visual correlation.

Top breakdowns

The Top breakdowns section presents key pages, URLs and devices with the most significant number of frustrating page loads.

Key pages & URLs

Web applications contain various pages, tabs and modules with different performance characteristics. This section presents URLs that cause the most frustration. Use this list of URLs as a reference when configuring key pages for an application.

When URL collection for an application is disabled, this breakdown presents only key pages.


The Devices table displays the devices with the most significant number of frustrating page loads.

  • Hover over the device name to activate a pop-up with detailed information, that provides answers to the following questions:

    • Is this a new issue, or has the page always been slow?

    • Is it a device-specific issue, or does it affect other devices as well?

  • The pop-up gives you a side-by-side view of Page load times of a selected device compared with other devices across the organization, including Client, Network and Backend times.

    • Click Filter at the top of the pop-up to filter the page for the selected device.

    • Click the link icon to open the Device View page for more troubleshooting options for the device.

Other breakdowns


Identify the locations where employees experience Frustrating page loads using the interactive map. Hover over the locations to reveal more information.

The Location table shows key metrics based on the County, State and Location type of the devices.

Location data is based on the geolocation feature, which must be enabled on the Product configuration page.


The Organization table shows data according to entities. Refer to the Product configuration documentation for more information on how to define entities for your organization.


The Technical table shows key metrics broken down by technical device properties, such as Browser and version or Operating system.

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