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User Overview

User Overview dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of a user's digital experience, with dedicated tabs for areas like DEX, application usage, and virtual session performance. It enables a comparison of an individual user's digital experience with the organizational average and provides detailed insights into endpoint, application, and collaboration scores. The dashboard also tracks user interactions, application usage patterns, and virtual session performance metrics, aiding in the identification of areas for improvement.

Overview tab

The Overview tab provides a detailed summary of a selected user with dedicated tabs for specific areas of interest. These include DEX, application usage, collaboration, user interactions, and virtual session performance for VDI users. It allows for a comparative analysis of the user's digital experience against the organizational average, highlighting any deviations.

Details of selected User widget provides enriched data from the AD connector, detailing all devices used by the user. This helps in mapping the different devices used by the user.


DEX Breakdown tab

This tab delves into the Endpoint, Application, and Collaboration scores of the selected user across all devices.

  • Endpoint Score widget offers a detailed view of the user's endpoint score, breaking down various influencing parameters across each device.

  • Application Score presents an in-depth look at the user's application score, with specifics on application performance on the devices used.

  • Collaboration Score highlights the overall collaboration experience of the user, segmented by the factors affecting it on each device.

Refer to the Computation of the DEX score documentation for more information on how the DEX score is computed.

Applications & Collaboration

Web and Desktop Application Usage widgets show the levels of web and desktop application usage across the user's devices, aiding in identifying usage patterns and preferences.

Collaboration Sessions widget summarizes the quantity and quality of the user's collaboration sessions, including device-specific details, to pinpoint calls with quality issues.

User Interactions

This tab helps identify the usage and interaction of the user on all the associated devices, including the details of the recent session activities that will help you identify the most used and recently used devices of the user.

Campaign Responses widget provides a quick view of the user's recent campaign response statuses, highlighting outstanding campaigns and tracking engagement levels.

Virtual Session Performance

This tab is crucial for understanding the virtual session performance metrics like session latency and Citrix RTT, particularly for users on a virtualized infrastructure. The breakdown of different virtual session performance metrics helps you identify the factors that may be causing a degraded user experience and take necessary actions to rectify them.

Data is presented in two columns; the left focuses on the Selected User, and the right encompasses data from All Users.


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