This Technical Preview is made available to customers free of charge for their evaluation and feedback; on general availability the functionalities of the preview may be subject to additional cost and/or licensing. As such, the Technical Preview, the documentation, and any updates are provided for limited evaluation only and on an ‘as-is’ and ‘as-available’ basis without warranty of any kind.


Nexthink Assist is the first AI-powered virtual assistant for Digital Employee Experience (DEX). It combines large language models (LLM) with Nexthink’s core technology and pre-trained “natural language to query” AI generative model making the data querying and IT investigations easier to use with conversational, layman terms.

Nexthink Assist makes it easier to tackle user challenges faster. No more query building is the future of IT, and Nexthink is excited that technology today is getting ready to meet that vision.

Customer benefits

Nexthink Assist translates a question expressed by the user in natural language into a query sent to the Nexthink platform. For example, “Retrieve all devices having Outlook crashes,” and “Which users in London have audio quality issues with Teams today?”.

Assist provides easy platform exploration and speeds up diagnostics and remediation with actionable real-time device-based troubleshooting investigations for IT teams.


This technical preview is available in all regions.

Customer commitment

We kindly ask that customers participating in the technical preview invest the necessary resources to adequately test and provide feedback on the product features and functionality to the Nexthink product managers during dedicated meetings and calls.

Enabling Technical Preview

This technical preview has now reached its maximum number of participants. Thank you for your interest and keep an eye out for this feature in a future release!

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