Installing Collector

Before planning the deployment on all your devices, carefully review our software requirements.

When your cloud instance is ready, Nexthink sends you an onboarding email containing important information to ensure all agents connect to your cloud platform. The destination URL communicated depends on the technology powering your instance.

For a cloud-native platform <instance>.data.<region>

For a classic platform <instance>.<region>

They are almost similar and only differ by adding the .data part.

  • <instance> is the name of the instance

  • <region> is the name of the region:

    • us for the United States

    • eu for the European Union

    • pac for the Asia-Pacific region

    • meta for the Middle East, Turkey and Africa

For example, is the destination address to send data to the nxdocs Nexthink instance located in the eu region (European Union).

Learn how to install and configure the Nexthink lightweight software agent on Windows, macOS or IGEL.

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