What's new 2024.3

The version 2024.3 release date is April 2, 2024. View the release notes on the Extended Documentation website.

Network view

Accelerate troubleshooting and enhance IT issue diagnostics with the new Network view. This visualization tool allows users to navigate network traffic relationships across devices, users, binaries and destinations, facilitating a deeper understanding of connectivity issues.

Network view can be accessed seamlessly within various Nexthink modules to aid in troubleshooting, pinpoint problem binaries and devices, and identify problematic destinations. Network view requires the Infinity connection data that was released in version 2023.10, and is available to customers who have completed their transition to Infinity.

Refer to the Network view documentation for more information.

Network view for Desktop Applications

Identify problematic destinations and domains directly impacting specific desktop applications with Network view. Thanks to the new connections data and visualizations, users can easily diagnose issues within Application Experience, gaining valuable insights into connectivity problems.

Furthermore, four new investigations are available in the desktop applications dashboard, including Connectivity by destination, Connectivity by port, Destinations with failed connections and Ports with failed connections.

Refer to the Desktop applications and Network view documentation for more information.

Network view in Device View

Optimize network issue analysis and diagnostics with the Network view tab for application connections directly within Device View. This enhancement lets analysts efficiently assess network issues and their impact on device and application experience.

By accessing all applications in the Network view tab, users can filter and drill down on specific applications, destinations or events within a selected timeframe, enabling targeted investigation and resolution of network-related issues for improved performance and enhanced user experience.

Refer to the Device View and Network view documentation for more information.

Windows Services events

Reduce your Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) with Windows services events now directly available in the Device View timeline, listed under Installation & Uninstallation events.

This enhancement visually displays service installations and changes as punctual events, enabling engineers to quickly identify potential causes of issues related to service modifications.

Flow: Real-time event triggers

Proactively address endpoint issues with event-based triggers that enable a real-time response to IT problems as they occur. By configuring event-based triggers with NQL queries on specific events, you can swiftly identify and resolve issues before they escalate into full-blown incidents.

Flow is subject to an additional license, please contact your Nexthink representative for more information. Refer to the Triggering workflows documentation for more information.

Alerts: Enhanced Diagnostics dashboard

Efficiently diagnose custom alerts and save time with a new Diagnostics dashboard, which presents interactive visualizations of both alert and event data for immediate troubleshooting.

Rather than being redirected to investigations for manual analysis, customers can now start troubleshooting directly within the dashboard, making it easier to resolve issues triggered by custom monitors. Refer to the Alerts overview documentation for more information.

Alerts: Call quality monitors now use ratios

Detect call quality issues with fewer false positives by looking at the relative number of poor calls, rather than the absolute number. Nexthink has updated Collaboration Experience monitors in the Library module to benefit from this improved call quality monitoring, which now tracks the percentage of calls with quality issues.

Collaboration Experience is subject to an additional license, please contact your Nexthink representative for more information.

Experience Central enhancements

Improve your understanding of employee experience by using the new Impact on DEX score to easily identify factors influencing the overall experience. This update leverages impact data to provide intuitive insights into key drivers affecting user experience.

Additionally, following the release, Nexthink will provide new out-of-the-box investigations in an additional update. These curated investigations translate raw metrics into actionable steps, helping you readily discover and address issues to effectively enhance employee experience.

Experience Central is subject to an additional license, please contact your Nexthink representative for more information. Refer to the Digital Experience documentation for more information.

View domains based on custom classifications

Enhance data access control by defining custom classifications for View domains. This update enables greater control over data access within suborganizations in large enterprises, allowing configuration at a higher organizational level (e.g. country-wide) instead of just specific entities.

View domains can now be configured solely on the basis of custom classifications, eliminating the need to manually update when adding new entities. The new flexibility in organizational structure and compatibility with custom classifications streamlines configuration and maintenance, providing efficient governance of data access at scale.

Refer to the View domain documentation for more information.

Data privacy compliance for Destinations

Enhance data privacy compliance by enforcing the destinations and domains data privacy profile setting on connection events. Users with this setting in their profile will no longer see domain and destination information on connection events. Information will instead be shown as hidden.

Additional Microsoft AVD device properties

Two new device properties for Microsoft AVD open new possibilities to manage costs and resolve incidents.

Optimize costs by correlating user experience with virtual machine instance size. This lets you make informed decisions and right-size virtual desktops in the cloud, so you can achieve better cost control and ensure an optimal balance between user experience and expenditure.

Resolve issues more quickly using the AVD region to pinpoint issues with more precision, allowing you to eliminate specific regions for more efficient troubleshooting and problem-solving.

Refer to the Connector for Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop documentation for more information.

Collaboration Experience: Automated call disconnection detection

Streamline incident resolution and reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) by detecting call disconnections within MS Teams sessions.

This feature enables Collaboration Experience managers to identify instances where sessions end due to call disconnections without relying on impacted employees for information. Coupled with additional insights about the device and application issues, managers can swiftly address connectivity issues to ensure seamless communication.

Collaboration Experience is subject to an additional license, please contact your Nexthink representative for more information. Refer to the Collaboration Experience documentation for more information.

Collaboration Experience: Multi-participant call overview

Accelerate incident resolution and reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) by providing customers with a dedicated dashboard giving comprehensive insights into call quality and participant-related issues.

This feature enables users to investigate the context of each call, to understand why Nexthink rated certain calls poorly and identify additional device issues impacting call performance. With detailed call overviews, users can swiftly remediate call-related issues affecting multiple participants, ensuring efficient troubleshooting and enhanced communication.

Collaboration Experience is subject to an additional license, please contact your Nexthink representative for more information. Refer to the Collaboration Experience documentation for more information.

Library: New content

The following Nexthink Library pack updates are designed to enhance visibility and troubleshooting, including several logic, design and documentation improvements.

  • Nexthink Feature Adoption Dashboard: Gain insights into the adoption of your main Nexthink modules and features, including Remote Actions, Workflows, Campaigns, Alerts, Amplify and Applications.

  • L1 Issue Alerting: Detect common L1 device issues with a new range of monitors. These issues leverage the same ratings used in the L1 checklist to allow customization of Poor/Average/Good thresholds.

  • Device Assignment Verification Workflow: Automatically verify if an employee is the owner of a device at user login. If not, automatically update your ServiceNow asset management system.

  • Windows 11 Migration Workflow: Orchestrate your Windows 11 migration process using Intune, with automated readiness and compatibility checks, as well as targeted pre-to-post engagement with end-users.

Note: this content will be made available following the completion of the 2024.3 rollout in all regions.

Binary Profiling: Automatic product categories

Troubleshoot binaries more efficiently with an AI-assisted automatic classification of binaries by product category.

Amplify: Configuration improvements

Test and deploy Amplify more easily with an improved configuration process and user interface.

Amplify is subject to an additional license, please contact your Nexthink representative for more information.

Refer to the Amplify documentation for more information.

Data Export enhancements

Export Nexthink data to external systems with greater confidence thanks to these improvements:

  • The Azure Data Lake and SFTP exporters can now be tested end-to-end with the Test button on the configuration page that provides you with feedback on whether the exporters have been configured correctly.

  • Data exporter success/failure results from the last execution are now displayed on the data exporter overview page.

Refer to the Exporter for Azure Data Lake documentation for more information.

Visual editor improvements

Investigate issues more easily in the Visual editor with improved support for the in operator, and for empty time selection.

Search destinations and ports

Troubleshoot network issues more easily by searching for destinations and ports directly from the Search bar.

Refer to the Search documentation for more information.

Campaigns: Skip collapsed notifications

Save clicks for your employees with a new branding option that lets you disable the collapsed state of all campaigns irrespective of the pop-up size. This ensures employees can always answer the first question in one click, without having to expand the notification.

Nexthink requires Collector version 24.3 or later to benefit from the new behavior.

Refer to the Creating Campaigns documentation for more information.

Investigations: Calculate elapsed time since an event

Open up new use cases in compliance, monitoring and more with the new datetime function time_elapsed. This function calculates and returns the time elapsed since the event occurred. Example:

| where operating_system.last_update.time_elapsed() > 15d

Refer to the NQL time_elapsed() documentation for more information.

New course and documentation about Network view

Learn how to use Network view, our latest visualization tool for improved network issue resolution. Complete our new course How to troubleshoot network-related issues and read comprehensive documentation about Network view and application connectivity troubleshooting.

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