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The Nexthink Browser Extension offers an extensive array of metrics and dimensions to quantify and enhance the user experience of critical web applications. End-user computing and application teams leverage this data to address performance issues. Analyzing this data demands familiarity with web technologies and can be time-consuming. The Web Application Insights out-of-the-box functionality overcomes these challenges. It suggests steps to delve into the data for identifying root issues.

Nexthink users can find Web Application Insights in the Applications dashboards. These insights pinpoint URLs or pages that are sources of frustration for employees. They provide a detailed analysis that not only quantifies the problem's impact but also explores potential root causes.

Customer benefits

Web Application Insights effectively identify performance issues without the need for extensive knowledge of web technologies. With this knowledge, IT teams can better target their optimization efforts to improve the website speed, reliability, and overall user satisfaction.


This technical preview is available in all regions.

Customer commitment

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Web Application Insights are currently computed solely for URLs and do not support other dimensions, such as location, entity, and device-specific features. The computation occurs in real-time and relies on the selected time frame. It's possible to encounter no insights when the time frame, number of devices, or page views is too small to extract meaningful insights."

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