Automatic categorization of binaries

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IT Teams often face challenges in understanding the types of applications their organization's employees use due to the overwhelming number of binary names and thousands of product names. To address this, Nexthink has introduced product categories powered by generative AI. You can gain a comprehensive overview of application usage by grouping binaries and products into intuitive categories.

There are currently 35 product categories. For situations where labeling is not feasible, there is a - category. For undefined categories, use Other. There are 10 to 20 subcategories per meaningful category.

The following example shows a sample query summarizing binaries from the previous 7 days, sorted by category and subcategory.

For more use cases, refer to the Investigations NQL examples documentation.

Customer benefits

Automatic categorization of binaries not only aids in user segmentation and persona development but also helps identify shadow IT. Additionally, it provides more context when troubleshooting, enabling better assessment of alerts and binary insights. Experience a smarter, more efficient way to manage and understand your IT landscape with Nexthink.

AI is in constant development, and the data it provides is not always of perfect quality. The product team has taken steps to ensure the feature provides accurate data, but you are encouraged to report any erroneous findings.


This technical preview is available in all regions.

Customer commitment

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This technical preview is available to all customers.

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