What's new 2024.4

The version 2024.4 release date is April 29, 2024. View the release notes on the Extended Documentation website.

Ports in Network view

Quickly troubleshoot network ports causing network connectivity issues, and help stakeholder teams understand who needs to resolve connection issues.

Users can now choose to show a new Ports column in the Network View visualization, which is made visible next to the existing columns of: Devices, Users, Binaries and Destinations. When the Ports column is shown, it displays the top 20 ports for the selected metric.

Refer to the Network view documentation for more information.

New application type: Network applications

Swiftly detect and address connectivity issues, reducing outages and ensuring smoother network service operations with Network applications. This new application type supports configuring network services using IP addresses, domain names and ports. It is available in the Applications module with a dedicated Network view and an accompanying dashboard that presents critical connectivity metrics to reveal connectivity issues, such as network congestion, server load and faulty configurations.

Refer to the Getting started with Applications documentation for more information.

Expanded application licensing

Manage more applications with your Workplace Experience license that now includes up to 200 configurable Desktop or Network applications.

Extend your Application Experience license with a newly introduced Web Application package that allows you to configure additional sets of 100 web applications.

Refer to the Nexthink Infinity default thresholds overview documentation for more information.

Amplify shows installed packages

Improve resolution times and increase support satisfaction with a list of installed packages and updates of the selected device, now shown in Amplify. Refer to the Amplify documentation for more information.

This functionality will appear after the Amplify plugin is updated to the latest version.

Amplify is subject to an additional license, please contact your Nexthink representative for more information.

Alerts preview panel

Quickly assess the impact of those IT issues triggered by alerts, and prioritize what to work on, using a new Alert preview side panel to see details of an individual issue in the Alerts overview.

Refer to the Accessing the Alerts overview page documentation for more information.

Parametric campaigns in the Workflows module

Save time, simplify workflow design and communicate with context using parametric campaigns in the Workflows module, available with the Flow expansion product. Campaigns defined with parameters can now be used in the Workflows module, passing parametric values obtained previously in the workflow into the campaign seen by the employee to create truly dynamic in context messages.

Refer to the Managing Workflows documentation for more information.

Flow is subject to an additional license, please contact your Nexthink representative for more information.

Schedule campaigns based on device data

Interact more easily with users having device issues, thanks to broader query support for scheduled campaigns. Campaigns continue to target specific employees, but it is now possible to target employees based on their device properties. To achieve this, scheduled campaigns now support both queries that start with users (current practice), as well as queries that start with devices and return user SIDs as output. This typically applies to the last user who has used the device.

This enables the automation of new use cases, for example to send a campaign to users based on their free disk space, remote action outputs, device NQL-based custom fields, and much more.

Refer to the Creating Campaigns documentation for more information.

Visual editor filtering enhancements

Create and modify new data investigations more easily in Visual editor with two new enhancements. When you select an event collection, a new Add filter button appears to filter investigation results. Visual editor now also supports complex filters. This enables you to view and modify pre-existing or new investigations with complex selection filters both in the Visual editor as well as the NQL editor.

Refer to the Visual editor documentation for more information.

DEX sub scores with insights

Prioritize areas of IT investments with DEX subscore insights available in the right-side panel of the Digital Experience module, which is available with the Experience Central expansion product. Understand subscore contributions to the overall digital employee experience and make use of actionable investigations offered for each subscore. Refer to the Digital Experience documentation for more information.

This functionality will be made available following the completion of the 2024.4 rollout in all regions.

Experience Central is subject to an additional license, please contact your Nexthink representative for more information.

Identify DEX scores impacted by multiple devices

Understand if a user's DEX score is influenced by the use of multiple devices. DEX scores reflect the employee experience and are hence user-centric. When a user has multiple devices, there is not necessarily a clear correlation between the DEX score data and a particular device, leading to potentially misleading conclusions. To make it clear when this is the case, it is now possible to see in the score events (via NQL) if the DEX data for a particular user is influenced by multiple devices or not. Refer to the DEX score documentation for more information.

Device performance troubleshooting dashboard

Troubleshoot device issues more easily by drilling down directly from the Digital Experience module or the Diagnostics menu to a dashboard that identifies potential remediations for devices with performance issues. Refer to the Diagnostics additional dashboards documentation for more information.

This functionality will be made available following the completion of the 2024.4 rollout in all regions.

Tag support for Ratings

The Nexthink tagging functionality has been extended to Ratings, so you can find what you’re looking for more quickly and easily. Organize your ratings by applying one, or several tags to each rating and filter them into groups based on their tags.

Refer to the Ratings management documentation for more information.

Bulk deletion of users and devices

In the Data Management (GDPR) section, you can now quickly clean up inactive or obsolete users and devices from your Infinity platform by selecting several at once for deletion. There is no need to wait until the retention period of a device or user is reached.

Refer to the Data management and GDPR documentation for more information.

Support for ServiceNow Washington

The ServiceNow Incident Management Connector and CMDB integrations have been updated to support ServiceNow Washington.

Refer to the Nexthink ServiceNow CMDB Connectors documentation for more information.

Support for re-signing Library and system Remote Actions

Take advantage of the Nexthink built-in Diagnostics dashboard and Library dashboard that give you the possibility to re-sign scripts.

Customers who have a security mandate to custom sign Nexthink-supplied scripts, can now upload a new script for any remote action, either installed from the Nexthink Library module, or provided by the system, for re-signing purposes.

Refer to the Managing Remote actions documentation for more information.

New to the Nexthink Library

  • Workflow: System Crash Troubleshooting: Automate detection, troubleshooting, employee notification and incident management in real-time with an event-triggered workflow after any system crash.

  • Workflow: Slow PC Troubleshooting: Trigger a workflow that performs the most common L1 checks. The workflow signals what could be contributing to performance issues and executes the relevant fixes, while creating automatic tickets.

  • Driver Update Compliance: Visualize the pending updates reported by third-party driver management tools, broken down by their severity, to invoke an automatic update with a remote action, keeping your driver landscape compliant.

  • Library Alerts: Stay aware of common issues impacting your IT environment, related to binary freezes, web applications and virtualization.

  • MS Teams (Work or School) Remote Actions: Invoke new remote actions to reinstall and/or get status information specifically about your MS Teams (work or school) clients.

  • Boot and login diagnostics: Update to the Boot and login dashboard, including enhanced KPI logic and additional widgets aligned to your Boot and login DEX score.

This content will be made available following the completion of the 2024.4 rollout in all regions.

New library and auto-installed monitors

Resolve issues more quickly by proactively, identifying those impacting your environment. Prioritize your work backlog more effectively with new built-in monitors to detect issues related to freezes, binary memory increase and Application Experience. Check the Virtualization Optimization library pack to install new virtualization monitors.

Learn: New course How to leverage long-term data with Custom trends

Learn how to create custom trends and use them in the Live Dashboards module. Complete our new course How to leverage long-term data with Custom trends available in the Nexthink Platform Administration learning path.

Learn: Network apps in Application Experience Management learning path

Understand and achieve fast time to value with Applications and Software metering, through online education and certification.

The learning path and certification for Application Experience Management now includes content related to network applications and exam questions.

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