Installing Collector for IGEL

Use the Unified Management Suite (UMS) to distribute and install Collector on all your thin clients. Nexthink provides basic installation instructions and some steps might differ depending on your UMS implementation. Please make sure to refer to your IGEL expert for guidance.

The procedure below assumes that you uploaded the installation files to the UMS server. You can find the sources on our downloads website.

  1. In the UMS, click on Profiles and then New Profile.

  2. When prompted, fill in the Profile Name and Description fields.

  3. Create a custom partition. Contact your Nexthink representative to provide you the following parameters:

    1. Name: KEY Value: paste the customer key you received for your Nexthink instance

    2. Name: HOSTNAME Value: the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of your Nexthink instance

    3. Name: PORT Value: 443

    4. Name: ROOT_CA Value: leave blank

    5. Name: ASSIGNMENT Value: TRUE

  4. Add the installation files to the partition data sources.

  5. Add the following custom command under Final initialization command. cp custom/nexthink/collector/nexthink-collector.service /etc/systemd/system/; systemctl enable nexthink-collector.service; systemctl start nexthink-collector

  6. Save the profile and assign it to the devices selected for installation.

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