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Remote Worker Insights


This solution pack is an addition to the Remote Worker Experience solution, however due to the nature of the pack and the possible side effects if it is misconfigured, it is being delivered as a separate pack, which can easily be merged into the main Remote Worker Experience pack if required.

You cannot download this pack directly from the Nexthink Library you must ask your Nexthink representative to supply it to you.

Pack Contents

The pack is just one dashboard and two metrics supporting them, however it contains an important Remote Action which feed the metrics, Get Internal Network Speed. As usual with Nexthink Remote Actions, these should be targeted and run against devices on a scheduled that is wished, however more detail on how it works now follows.

Get Internal Network Speed

Get Internal Network Speed must be executed carefully. This Remote Action takes a Universal Naming Convention (UNC) location for a file share and downloads a file from it for every execution. This is particularly useful for understanding the speed and latency being experienced in terms of getting to the Datacenter of your organization (assuming this is where the file is shared from). High round trip times here are likely to be leading to a poor user experience.

Firstly, the device must be able to reach the share location. In most cases this will be through some kind of VPN connectivity to your organizations network. Once there, the download will take place. Therefore, while this gives a good indication of the latency experience for users, extra care must be taken: all users are reaching the same point and may be going through the same VPN. Ensure that this is not run frequently against many machines at the same time and keep the file that is downloaded to be small (1MB would be ideal). Should too many machines run this at once, or should the file be large, you have a significant chance of flooding your network.

Merging the Dashboards

Due to the nature of this pack, we have included it as a separate library pack from a dashboard perspective. However, you will notice that it is included in the Remote Worker Experience pack from a Metric perspective. Should you wish to move the dashboard into the Remote Worker Experience pack you can simply use Nexthink's ability to Copy and Paste dashboards between packs to copy the Monitor - Connection Speed dashboard into the Remote Worker Experience pack.

Category Configuration

The pack uses the Remote Worker vs Office Worker User categories in the three metrics to give a view of remote connections. One of these categories should be configured as per the documentation links provided.

If you have already imported the Remote Worker Experience pack then as per normal behavior, these categories will already have been defined by you and no further change is necessary.

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