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Persona Insight - Device Sizing Overview

Note: This pack focuses on Device Sizing.

To benefit from software sizing, download the Persona Insight: Application Sizing Library Pack.


The “Persona Insight - Device Sizing” pack helps you to analyze the distribution and usage of devices across different employee mobility types, or Personas, enabling you to identify the most suitable equipment for each of those Personas.

Having the “right tool for the job” at the right time is very important in ensuring the best user experience. Providing over, or under-provisioned workstations to employees can result in increased support costs, loss of employee efficiency and the unnecessary use of multiple devices. This pack identifies the following three personas based on employee behavior:

  • Deskbound : Employees who have only one fixed office device.

  • Office Mobile : Employees who are mobile within company premises, using either a laptop or several different devices.

  • Fully remote : Employees who work exclusively remote from the office.

The distribution and usage of devices by these different personas is analyzed, enabling you to identify the most suitable equipment for each of those personas.

A key concept in this pack is the idea of Recommended and Non-recommended devices, based on the “DEX - Device - Device Responsiveness” score with high, and low scoring devices allocated to each category respectively.

The dashboard starts with a Summary section containing the main recommendations of the pack. The Recommended, and Non-recommended Devices sections show the number of employees using these device types, a device model breakdown and the Digital Experience resource scores, all listed by persona.

The next sections show the distribution of employees using multiple devices, which can be an issue for some organizations, and VIP device usage.


This pack requires the Persona Insight - Score Only pack to be pre-installed.

This pack also requires DEX v2 to be installed.

Version History Initial Release

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