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OEM - Overview

For organizations with a regular influx of new hires, the onboarding of these new employees is a structured and cross-departmental process with multiple steps; some of which are time-critical, that are essential for a satisfactory employee onboarding experience.

This pack is designed to help with this process by tracking new employees at three stages of the process, after Day 1, Week 1, and the first month of their employment. By focusing on the overall user experience this pack will prepare new employees for the principles of Experience Level Agreements (XLA*) where user sentiment is collected whenever they interact with IT Nexthink: From SLA to XLA*.


For each new hire, certain IT resources are required, often from Day 1, such as a login to IT systems or VPN access for remote access. In addition, there could be specific corporate resources considered mandatory for all new employees to be aware of. Specific examples could include an Employee Portal or a benefits policy document. The provision of IT services; or the access to and use of corporate resources can be confirmed using this pack. The dedicated dashboard shows an overall score for compliance, the variation over time, and a breakdown by region.

Survey Campaigns

During the onboarding process, the timely provision of IT equipment, such as a laptop or headset, and services like email or intranet access, are essential for this process to go smoothly. As employees progress through the onboarding process, we can set certain milestones. The onboarding experience and sentiment of each new employee are gathered by a targeted survey campaign at these three milestones, namely Day 1, Week 1, and Month 1.

Each survey contains four questions. For the Day 1 and Week 1 survey, the first question is a general sentiment question with a multiple-choice, NPS style score. The following three questions cover the provision of hardware, communications equipment, and access to systems. These all have the same response, “yes”, “no” or “does not apply”. A negative response to any of these questions will cause a redirect to a prompt to raise a ServiceDesk ticket.

The final survey at the end of the onboarding process contains four main multiple choice type questions with NPS style scores. The first is a general sentiment question, followed by more specific questions concentrating on device satisfaction, the speed at which IT equipment was supplied, and satisfaction with the level of support received. A reported problem in response to the IT equipment question leads to the option to raise a ServiceDesk ticket.

The results of these surveys for all employees are summarized at each onboarding milestone with a separate dashboard. Each dashboard shows the overall score, in KPI form and by timeline, and an indication of how many employees responded to the survey campaign. In addition, for employees reporting an unhappy onboarding experience; a breakdown by category, department, and location is provided.


This pack has no pre-requisites.



Initial Release

*XLA is a registered trademark of Giarte Media Group B.V.

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