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GSuite: Advanced Health


This pack does not have mandatory pre-requisites but does use Remote Actions that must be configured. Upon import the 'Test Chrome Plugin Compliance', 'Get Browser Tabs' and 'Get Chrome Plugins' will be created.

Chrome Compliance

This pack concentrates on Google Chrome

It starts with how much of your landscape does and does not have Chrome installed for a high level view on your Chrome Deployment.

Following this, there is information on the success of the "Test Chrome Plugins Compliance" Remote Action, which should be run on a regular basis. This Remote Action will check whether given Plugin's are present and at what version. Should this check be failing, it should be investigated on these devices. Make sure that this Remote Action is configured to run at a suitable frequency, ideally daily and that in the input parameters you have configured which plugins are to be tested and whether to go to the version level or simply test for presence.

Next the dashboard will show how many devices that successfully ran the check, returned compliant or not compliant, i.e. a successful technical execution, now looking at the results. Should anything be non-compliant there is need to look at the Remote Action output in the Finder to find out why they were not compliant.

After this, there is Individual Plugin Compliance Failure, showing devices that have successfully run the Remote Action, returned not compliant and now showing which plugin had returned non compliant. Any devices should be investigated.

In all the above scenarios, the dashboard and metrics are using basic checks on the base plugins (gmail, docs, sheets) however the RA can be very granular, it can look for any plugin at any version and whether it is enabled or disabled. Should you wish to customize this dashboard or the metrics behind to suit your organization then the criteria's can be customized as far as is needed.

Should more than one Compliance profile exist, then it is possible to duplicate the remote action and give a second set of criteria in the duplicated Remote Action.

Defining Additional Metrics

This Pack is very dependent on individual environments. The metrics that are part of the dashboard are meant only as a starting point for configuration, looking at the most basic options.

Should your organization have a different set of plugin's or version levels then feel free to create new metrics as described above with alternative criteria from the output of the Remote Action.

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