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Global Privacy Hub

The Global Privacy Hub is where you can find documents demonstrating Nexthink’s commitment to upholding the highest standards of data protection and ensuring optimal compliance with applicable privacy laws.

Nexthink recognizes the importance of keeping its customers’ and partners’ personal data protected and safe. You can rest assured, we will only ever handle your personal data securely, and our recent certification under ISO 27701 shows that we do just that.


Privacy Code 2023 – The Nexthink Privacy Code describes how Nexthink Experience accesses and processes your personal data, focusing on the GDPR.

DPA and sub-processors

Cloud Data Processing Addendum – This sets out the contractual obligations we can offer to you to be confident we will take care of your personal data when you use our solutions. If you wish to sign the DPA, do, please let us know.

Nexthink Data Processing Schedule - The Nexthink Data Processing Schedule provides a detailed description of Nexthink’s processing activities, including a list of third parties, Nexthink engages to provide certain functionalities within its solutions. These sub-processors' access to any data is strictly limited to the indicated categories.

You can execute Nexthink’s DPA for your region under the following links:

United States

EMEA and rest of the world (excl. France)



ISO/IEC 27701 demonstrates that Nexthink has strong measures in place to ensure our customers' compliance with the GDPR and other applicable privacy legislation (pdf download):

2023_EYCP_Certificate_Nexthink ISO 27701.pdf

ISO/IEC 27018 is an addendum to ISO/IEC 27001, we are proud to be certified under this international code of practice for cloud privacy (pdf download):

2023_EYCP_Certificate_Nexthink ISO 27018.pdf

ISO/IEC 27017 (pdf download):

2023_EYCP_Certificate_Nexthink ISO 27017.pdf

ISO/IEC 27001 (pdf download):

2023_EYCP_Certificate_Nexthink ISO 27001.pdf

SOC 2 Type 2 (link to an article)

Privacy FAQ

Our Frequently Asked Questions section provides you the information you need regarding Nexthink’s robust data protection measures.  

Transparency report

Nexthink Transparency Report provides information relating to data disclosure requests for customer data Nexthink has received as of the launch of its cloud offering.


If you have any questions concerning Nexthink’s approach to privacy, please do reach out to our Privacy & Security Committee at

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