What is Nexthink Learn?

Learn is the Nexthink platform for learning to use Nexthink software. This platform will guide you through customized learning paths which allow you to obtain certifications and then share your success on social media.


Who can use Nexthink Learn?

Courses under the Get started learning path are available for anyone interested in Nexthink. All other courses and learning paths on Nexthink Learn are available for registered Nexthink users.

If you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot your password in the log-in area.

If you aren’t already a registered Nexthink Learn user, you can become one by selecting Register located on the right side of the screen under Nexthink Community.

I have previously used Nexthink Academy. What has changed?

Nexthink Learn is the successor of Nexthink Academy. You can visit From Academy to Learn to find out which of your previous Academy certificates are still valid and which certifications and courses have been migrated to Learn.


Can you migrate my old courses and certifications to Nexthink Learn?

Selected courses and certificates were migrated from Academy to Learn before the launch of Learn in September 2021. Please refer to From Academy to Learn, where you can find the complete list of courses and certifications migrated to Learn. If you cannot find a particular certification that should have been transferred to Learn, reach out to Nexthink Support Team. In order to better assist you, please be sure to provide your name and the name of the certificate you are missing.


Which courses should I start with?

If you are new to Nexthink, we recommend the Get started learning path which will help you discover the foundations of Nexthink and give you insights into the Digital Employee Experience.


What is a Learning Path?

A learning path is a set of courses which guide you through a specific topic, role or activity - IT Supporter, Nexthink administrator or Application Experience Management. After taking the initial Get started learning path, choose the learning path that is best suited to your role and responsibilities.


How do I earn a Nexthink certification?

Sign in to Nexthink Learn, select a learning path based on the field of your choice or where you want to improve your skills, pass the exam and earn the corresponding certification.


Which certifications are available to me?

Below are the available learning paths and the corresponding certification you will earn:


I would like to update my email address.

If you wish to update your email address, please contact Nexthink Support and provide your name, previous email address and your new email address.


I forgot my password. How do I set a new one?

Update your password by clicking here.

Can I finish a course later?

Absolutely. You can stop a course at any time. To pick up the learning from where you left off, click on My Progress in the navigation menu in the top left of your browser and select the course or learning path you wish to continue.

How do I share my certification on LinkedIn?

Click on My Progress in the navigation menu at the top of the screen. Scroll down to the certificate you have obtained and click on Share.


Can I assign a course to someone else?

This is not a feature available on Learn. Instead, you can share the link to a learning path or a specific course. Open the learning path or the course of your choice, copy and paste the URL and share it via email or social media.


What can I do if my name is spelled incorrectly or does not appear fully on my certificate?

Please contact Nexthink Support and provide them with the correct spelling of your name or how you would like your name to appear on the certificate.

I wish to change the name of my account or there was an error in my name. How can I correct this?

If your name is not displayed correctly in your profile or certifications, please contact Nexthink Support and provide the correct spelling or reason for the name change.

Why hasn't my course status changed to completed even after completing the course in Nexthink Learn?

If the progression or completion of your course is not reflected under My progress, don't hesitate to contact Nexthink Support and provide your name and the title of the course.

Can I get a report on the learning progress for my team and organization?

It is possible to get a report on the course, exam and certification progress for members of your organization provided you have been assigned the Learn Report Access rights for your organization. Please contact Nexthink Support to have the Learn Report Access rights enabled in Nexthink Community. 

  1. To access the Learn Reports, head to Nexthink Community, select the Learn menu and click on Learn Reporting.

  2. The Learn Reporting tab shows all available courses. You will be able to filter the courses and learning paths per course and Title. And search for a specific course, email, name or status.

  3. You can also view certifications in this tab:

    4. Another benefit it’s that you can export your reports to an Excel sheet. Remember that there is a 2000 limit on the records shown in the reporting table. The export button allows you to download all the records regardless of selected filters.