Nexthink ServiceNow Service Graph Connector allows customers to effortlessly enrich and enhance their CMDB environment with key Nexthink DEX intelligence to greatly improve visibility over digital services throughout their entire lifecycle, enabling customers to:

  • Connect the dots between devices, application, and their relationships to drive rapid and impactful change management, incident management, and transformation activities.

  • Simplify the data ingestion process with guidance, governance, and reconciliation capabilities to guarantee data quality from the start and avoid headaches during implementation.

  • Scale the CMDB to easily work with a large amount of data while maintaining quality, enabling fast and effective investigation across the entire database.

Service Graph Connector for Nexthink is based on Identification and Reconciliation Engine (IRE) which brings better management on data import, providing a centralized framework to perform identification and reconciliation processes across different data sources.

The required information to configure this application can be found on the below content tree: