Application Experience

All dashboards are now refreshed every 5 minutes and offer all the same filtering capabilities. The adoption dashboard is the default displayed when navigating to Application Experience. The widgets showing HTTP and NET errors are no longer available in the reliability dashboard.


The new sentiment tab directly opens the associated Engage dashboard when the monitored application is associated with a specific Engage campaign.


You can now get to speed faster by importing and exporting individual transactions from each application configuration screen. The pre-defined transactions take less time to configure and can be downloaded from a rich catalog we are currently building as part of our community website.

Experience Optimization

The breakdown widget now offers a classification by operating system (OS), making it easier and more efficient to compare experience levels between platforms.



Activation of the client-side anonymization during new installations is available for new installations using MSI parameters. Nexthink has categorized the server-side anonymization features using the storage policy as deprecated.

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Control panel

Starting from version, the control panel extension is no longer part of the set of tools available for Collector. The configuration tool (nxtcfg.exe) is now the preferred way to query and modify the configuration parameters.

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Collaboration optimization

Zoom, Teams, WhatsApp, Outlook, Slack… all of the above?

EUC teams are responsible for effective digital collaboration, but what if employees are resistant to adopting IT's preferred solution? Ineffective collaboration tool adoption will rapidly lead to security and productivity issues.

The collaboration optimization library pack allows you to accelerate the adoption of your collaboration tools by understanding employee usage, resistance to change, and getting rid of shadow collaboration.

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Virtualization troubleshooting

Without effective troubleshooting capabilities, maintaining a healthy virtualized environment is painfully complex, leading to increased support overheads.

The virtualization troubleshooting library pack provides tailored scores, pre-filtered alerts, and targeted investigations, allowing you to rapidly — and proactively — identify the scope of an issue for more efficient troubleshooting.

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