Introducing Application Experience, our newest product!  

Application Experience extends your SaaS application visibility all the way to the page and transaction level. Monitor and manage the speed, reliability, and adoption of all your SaaS applications. See and resolve problems faster, increase application adoption, and reduce application licensing costs. 

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Onboarding Experience Management

Onboarding requires more than just handing over a laptop if you want to set new hires up for success. Use the Onboarding Experience Management pack to ensure that each new hire is provisioned with an optimal digital environment, has access to the required corporate resources to get started and can provide key feedback during Day 1, Week 1 and Month 1 of their onboarding.

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Manage Configuration Drift

Don't let compliance oversights escalate into performance issues, employee frustrations or put the wider organization at risk.

This latest library pack allows you to track, detect and remediate devices in your landscape that have “drifted” from a defined compliance baseline using at-a-glance dashboards and automated remote actions.

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Software Asset Optimization

Keeping track of software licenses across thousands of devices can be tricky and, when not done properly, very costly to the organization.

Leverage the Software Asset Optimization library pack to detect unused copies of Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project licenses across all devices in your network and uninstall them, when appropriate, to achieve significant cost savings.

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