Experience Optimization improvements

Your Optimization Hub now allows filtering by virtualization type, the ability to apply filters across multiple dashboards and the capability to display more ongoing issues than before.

A popover widget for subscores displays the trend and a list of metrics.

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Nexthink Engage new campaign user interface

We have enhanced Engage campaigns with a new look and feel to help you provide a seamless experience to your employees on Windows and macOS.

New campaign branding dashboard

Campaigns can now be modified to match your corporate branding directly from the Portal web interface.

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We added new functionalities for measuring and improving employee experience in virtual environments.

VMware Horizon and Microsoft WVD are now supported.

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More remote action possibilities

Nexthink has introduced a new powerful way to trigger remote actions without having to edit them every time you need to change a specific parameter. You can now configure a remote action to prompt the Finder user to enter parameters before executing it.

This new approach is also available when executing remote actions using the application programming interface (API).

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Data collection improvements

There is a new connector for Azure AD that provides an easier way to import data into Nexthink.

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Portal branding improvements

You can now easily change some elements of the Portal user interface.

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GDPR - Retrieving personal data using the Portal

To help you comply with the regulation, the Portal includes a GDPR-specific section to let you extract data.

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Collector support for macOS Big Sur

Nexthink Collector fully supports the latest Apple operating system, macOS Big Sur (11.0).

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Engine data retention information

You can quickly check the number of days of data stored in an Engine database from a Portal administration dashboard.

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Focus time

Nexthink Collector is now capable of reporting which window of a given process is in the foreground.

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