Nexthink is an IT solutions company in the business of delighting employees at work. We provide transformative solutions via real-time analytics, instant remediation, automation, and employee feedback across all the devices in your digital workplace. Improve the digital experience of your employees, thanks to Nexthink.

Nexthink Architecture

The architecture of Nexthink Experience has been designed to simplify operations, ensure scaling, and allow rapid deployment. The platform is composed of:

  • The Collector which captures information from employee devices.

  • A modern cloud foundation that aggregates Collector data and provides real-time IT analytics.

  • The Finder, a rich client application for searching and analyzing data stored in the cloud foundation.

  • The Portal which dashboarding (including Experience Optimization), reporting, and long-term trending for analytics.

  • The Nexthink Library, a cloud knowledge database with ready-made content for both the Portal and the Finder that addresses a variety of use cases.

Product structure

The product structure of Nexthink grows with your needs. The platform is licensed with respect to the number of monitored physical or virtual devices and, optionally, server users. Nexthink Experience is delivered by default with the following product:

  • Nexthink Analyze grants access to dashboards (including Experience Optimization), investigations, metrics, services, scores, categories, etc. to help you measure the digital experience of employees.

On top of the default product, any of the following products can be purchased depending on your needs:

  • Nexthink Web & Cloud grants access to analytics related to intranet and extranet HTTP and HTTPS web requests (now included by default in Nexthink Analyze for new contracts).

  • Nexthink Act offers a way to remotely act on employee devices for automated or assisted servicing.

  • Nexthink Engage gives you the means to reach out to employees, gather their feedback regarding IT or other subjects, and notify them of relevant issues.

  • Nexthink Integrate enables the product API and access to continuously improve integration samples, reports, etc.

Operational data sent to Nexthink

Nexthink gathers operational data from customers to offer them additional valuable services:

  • Support telemetry, for an improved support service.

  • Cloud Intelligence, for anonymized comparative analysis (including the Digital Experience Score benchmarking).

  • Enhance data, for risk and compliance management of applications and web browsing. Applies to licensees of the Nexthink Enhance module.

Digital Experience Score

The Digital Experience Score measures both the ability to get things done and the satisfaction of your employees within the provided IT environment.

By automatically providing benchmark data to Nexthink, the Digital Experience Score of your company can be compared to other companies, whether they are in the same industry or a different industry altogether.